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Krasnodar is beautiful and life is grand. Bangladesh student group through out years enjoy and studied and still studing in this beautiful city. Through out most of March, the weather was as dismal as was to be expected. However, the very second spring began, suddenly there were flowers and greenery everywhere. City streets are so clean, you can literally take a nap at park bench. Lots of trees in the both side of main street. Bangladeshi Bengali Students are mostly from Krasnodar medical university, technological institute and agricultural institute. This album is an example off all Bangladeshi studied in Kransnodar. Please contact me at info@bdcom.ca, if you have any pictures, you would like to add to our APP, or join the group in the messenger named ВЫПУСКНИКИ КРАСНОДАРА and drop the pics to add to album app. At any time you can join our private and secure group at https://islam.lol/connect/groups/profile/78/bangladesh-student-group-of-krasnodar (Copy & paste the link to your browser). This social media site is created to serve all our communities around the world. Every login member can create group as per their need. Like family or friend group or subgroup. Main site is https://islam/connect **It is private and no cookies or data collection, freedom from common social site of f acebbook, google ,twitter etc**. Email me if you need help to create your own group or admin access. By using your mobile phone connect me in real time by going to my app @ http://mobile.bdcom.ca/ .Thanks for your support in advance.